Nepal Bandas – Are They Real?

Yesterday the royalist Rastriya Prajatantra Party– Nepal called a banda which brought life in Kathmandu to a standstill. An interesting article provided by Myrepublica states that many of the demonstraters were brought from rural villages around Kathmandu without knowing what they were actually demonstrating for and some apparently had been paid and given food and shelter for the duration. This reminds me of the Jana-Andolan II which saw thousands taking the streets and apparently back then the maoists had also put pressure on each household to send a member to the demonstrations. 
Also, we Nepalis should take a stand against banda’s, its easy to say this but the current government must enthuse confidence in us the citizens in going out on days during the banda. Rather than police telling the people not to go in the ”direction” because theres protestors, the police should be out in force trying to defy the protestors? What happened? Kathmandu ; a city of more than a million can be brought to a standstill by a mere 1000?
PS. The so called banda was to put pressure on the current Govnt on Nepal as a Hindu Nation, Monarchy etc. The usual shebang…
Lex Limbu
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