World’s Tallest Shiva in Nepal

The 143-feet Lord Shiva statue constructed by Indian businessman Kamal Jain (proprietor of Hilltake water tanks) was inaugurated by Nepalese Tourism Minister Sharad Singh Bhandari at Sanga of Bhaktapur district, 20 km east of Kathmandu recently.
I saw this on the way to The Last Resort for a weekend of bungee, it was quite shocking since I was sleep-drifting and then i saw a big-ass statue which just stood out of the green hills, I had to blink to reassure myself that I wasnt hallucinating. Next time, Il go venture into the area. Kamal Jain is now seeking support from the Nepali Government for a road to be constructed from Jorpati to Sanga. The man has made a wonderful contribution, I am sure this statue will be an iconic monument to Nepal. More Pictures Below!
These are the pictures of the statue when it was being made. If any of you have any recent pictures then mail them in :D.
Pictures Courtesy of Bipin Thapa
Lex Limbu
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  1. i think u need to understand what language u r using here..u r talking abt hindu god and then saying big-ass…i know u r juss expressing ur view but this might offend the hindu likeus , who respect god. thanks.

  2. Hey respected asshole (whoever has written this post) remove the word “ass” coz dat is just being really really disrespectful and btw u shall now that nepal has the highest belief in lord shiva and talking about him dis way can really not be acceptable on a public blog.

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