TGIF: Spot The Difference!

I want to believe that the poster on the right is made by some enthusiast just for personal use yet its come to everyones attention that the poster is being used by the Hifajat team to market their movie. Apart from few minor differences (Kathmandu/Las Vegas), its the same.
Shame on you Miss Rekha Thapa. lol 
Atleast she’s being a bit traditional by doing the top button right?

Copied from the Resident Evil :  Extinction Poster.
Lex Limbu
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  1. i’d failed to register hifajat is a homegrown product! here i was thinking it was from bollywood. would’ve probably skipped this but the copy of the poster is done so well, i have to watch it! haha – everything has been copied right down to the details. i know it’s wrong to copy. (that too, this badly, it’s quite lame) … but it’s done so well i’m impressed!

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