Jharana and Lex : Kohi…Mero

Yesterday I had a new photo on my facebook wall, a friend had gone through the trouble of cropping my head out and putting it on top of Aryan Sigdel’s so I could be in the same frame as Jharana Bajracharya. I must say, we make quite an eccentric pair. Jokes apart, on the first picture the image of me is from NepUnity‘s upcoming parody of Darpanchaya where I play the Dilip Rayamajhi‘s character ”Raj”. It’ll be on YouTube hopefully by the end of this week. Ill share the original picture of Jharana and Aryan right after the jump. 🙂

I think this scene may have been filmed in Babar Mahal area. Looks Awesome Doesnt it? I’ll share another picture with you guys because KOHI… MERO rocks (hopefully) lol.
Like Alok said, ”Completely Filmy”
Thank You Kewal.
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  1. Dude, you’re the second person whose like sooo into Jharana. The first was a girl and man she was in love with her in a freaky way. You don’t even wanna know..

    but yeah, wats with you and her? =P


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