Media’s a Bitch

Few days ago multiple suicide bombings took place in several Metro’s in Moscow. The BBC homepage stated TERRORIST ATTACKS IN MOSCOW. My friend questioned ”What do they want there?”, I asked who are you referring to, he answered ”the muslims”
Post 9/11 tragedy, the blame on how the faith; Islam and Muslim people can be blamed upon how the media extensively publishes biased articles dragging Islam and its followers down. Much of my childhood like many other Gurkha childrens was spent in Brunei which is also a Muslim country however living there I found no differences or conflicts between our and their religious values. We learnt to live alongside each other and respected each others values which is in contrast to the situation in Europe now where many governments are more strict towards Muslim conducts. Is this Islamophobia at its peak? Like the movie My Name is Khan stated, Rizwan Khan’s world was centred around the 9/11 incident. The world before and after was tottally different. 9/11 is the sole catalyst behind the tensions in society which is present today. Most people implicitly assume that all terrorists are from the Middle-East. My friend’s perspective of terrorism is unarguably influenced by the misleading representation by the media. Tabloid newspapers such as The Sun, Daily Mail etc in Britain only emphasizes such situations further by having bold headlines which have aims to create a divide in socity, a division in our ”multicultural community”.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. while ‘media’s a bitch’ can be a little intriguing topic like anyother headings that most media seem to flash` , however, the article is well proportionately written and displays the truth- ‘ideological facade of massmedia’

    i cannot but agree that what we, or the most people havebeen ‘slotted’ into thinking the notion of muslims as being the only terrorist or terrorism-freaks` needs to be rooted out and avalysed and viwed unbiasedly and truthfully!

    ‘keep writing more’!

  2. While I agree that most of the Muslims are mainstream ones. It is the radical and fanatic Muslims who in the name of allah and the jihad are responsible for horrendous acts, killing innocent people in the fray. Look at Syria, Egypt, where they are trying to impose sharia law which means “embrace islam or die by the sword. If you don’t do what we tell you, we bomb your places and kill you, your women and your children.” For a radical muslim, there can be no other religion except islam. Evidently, you are promised 7 virgins and rivers flowing with wine when you become a martyr in the name of allah. This is why they don’t hesitate to carry out jihad and what not at the cost of their lives.

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