Ek Chin with Astha Tamang-Maskey

I am proud to launch a new feature on this site which in the coming weeks will see participation from many personalities of different paths and careers. From directors, pilots, actors to business people, Ek Chin will explore their world with few questions regarding their work, their experiences and our Nepal. To kick start this today, Astha Tamang-Maskey is the first musician on Ek Chin.
Padhnuhos Ek Chin with Astha Tamang-Maskey
Fresh after the release of her new English EP 11:11, heres what she had to say when we caught up with her recently.
Congratulations on your English EP 11:11, it was recently released online, what kind of feedback did you get? Thanks Lex. 🙂 The feedback’s been positive throughout. I haven’t been able to promote it as much, because I’ve been so caught up with school lately! But hopefully, I can push more when I have a little bit more time.
Apart from the language what do you think are the differences between the album ”Sabai Thikai Hunchha” and ”11:11”? I think both Rohit and I have grown even more since the release of Sabai Thikai Hunchha. All the minor things that we were maybe not so content with; we tried to change that for this set of songs. So, I definitely feel as if it reflects maturity both in songwriting as well as production. Hopefully from the feedback we receive from this set of songs, we’d be able focus even more on our strengths, as we gear up for our next release.
What were your highlights during your time in Nepal last year?
They were so many!
1) The first one would definitely be just catching up with my loved ones. I had missed them so much. Celebrating Dashain, Tihar, and Holi after years of missing out was so much fun!
2) Meeting so many new talented people: Rec Records and Studio, B&N , working and collaborating with brilliant musicians (Rohit Shakya, Rizu Tuladhar, Abishek Bhadra, Sunny Tuladhar, Kiran Shahi, Prazol Kansakar).
3)Shows ! Shows! And SHOWS! I love performing – We performed in Pokhara, Nagarkot, WIC (Women in concert), Miles Davis Music Festival, Himalayan Blues Festival, Sundance Festival in Last Resort, and lots of venues in Kathmandu.
4) THE BILLBOARD! (It was bigger than life!!!)
5) Pokhara, Trek to ChisaPani, Trip to India. ☺
We heard that you also went paragliding, how was it soaring across the skies?
One of the best things I’ve ever experienced. It was such an escape from all the stress I was in at the time. Absolutely DIVINE.
Nepali Music Industry seems to be changing, whats your take on this?
It’s growing in terms of talent and creativity, but at the same time, I think the industry itself has a lot to build upon.
Are there any upcoming shows and gigs where we can see you?
I am planning on booking a few shows outside of Nepal, but I’ve just been scoping for the right offers. My dream is to bring the band from Nepal, and set out on a tour. *fingers crossed*
Astha is a beautiful name but if you had to pick another one then what would it be?
I love my name. I would never change it. —
Ashmina Ranjit, who is also a family friend of ours, named her son “Aba” as in “Now” – I would absolutely love a contemporary name like that! (But nothing particular comes to mind right now ☹ )
Any final words for lexlimbu.com viewers?
Happy Nepali New Year

Rapid Fire
Momos or Burger?

Momos :P!

Songwriting or Singing?

I would say both. But if I were to pick one 😛 um. Songwriting.

Canada’s weather or Nepal’s weather?

Global warming makes them both a tough decision.

Sabai Thikai Hunchha or 11:11?

AHHH. You can’t make me pick between the two! They’re both my babies 😛

Mum or Aama?


Sano Sansar or Kagbeni?

I’ve only watched Sano Sansar…hmm.

Jharana Bajracharya or Malvika Subba?

Once again, I’ve only met Malvika Subba. And she’s a pretty cool lady :).

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  1. Ahh great interview lex 🙂

    OMG i love your song, Sabai Thikai Hunchha, i always listen to it when I’m feeling down, but the song brings me right back up 😀

    and also the rapid fire questions were awesome lol Momo’s and Astha FTW !!! 😀

  2. its great` , and her songs are wonderful , didn’t know until now, such an irony! . but keep up the great work and hoping to hear more in the coming days ahead and seeing my own interview with lex limbu.

    ah`ya except for thing that your heart might have broken when she actually said ‘malvika subba’ against jharana bajracharya! 😛 (tsk..tsk..)

  3. Just like Narayan Gopal saved our Nepali Modern Contemporary music..we need more inspiring artists like her to save our Post modern Nepali music industry..
    I will stick with Narayan Gopal and Folklores for now.. 🙂

  4. kwl interview! 😀

    utube ma vid bhako bhaye..it would b more awesome.. bt oh well.. she is far init?? dammi cha j hos! Y.y rocked!

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