TGIF – Darpanchaya ONLINE

So after like 2 weeks wait, Laxcha finally finished the editing for Darpanchaya and like everybody else I watched the short movie once it hit YouTube and im impressed…with the editing. Laxcha well done, nicely mixed with the portions of original Darpanchaya. I hope the director Tulsi Ghimire doesnt sue your ass. lol. Normally when we make our little JPT movies we say the lines on the spot from our mutu but this time we wrote lines down which put so much pressure as i kept forgetting a single word. That was when i realised acting is something which I wanted to stay far from. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the filmmaking process with the cast/crew. Would love to do it again, we’re gunna take our 3 months break now. See You!

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Lex Limbu
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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO HILARIOUS! u guys r awesome. showed it to my other fren as well. we both loved it. great performance by all. waiting for more such stuff!

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