Destination : Rani Mahal – Taj Mahal of Nepal

Ive always wanted to go to Rani Mahal. I dont know why, must be the location and the building itself looks very interesting from the outside. The architecture of that time is seriously inviting. Rani Mahal is located in Palpa but its still a few hours ride away from the hub Tansen Bazaar. Theres a river which runs next to the mahal and I dont know the date of construction for the building but read from a FB group that it took four years to build. Dubbed as the Taj Mahal of Nepal since it was made by Khadka Samsher after the death of Tejkumari. Apparently theres some kinda sign/thing where it states it there and a bit of background details. 
Due to the lack of renovation the building is believed to be in a very weak state. A new photo below shows army personnels cleaning the area up to promote it as a tourist spot for the upcoming Nepal Tourism Year 2011. Last time we travelled to Tansen I asked the driver to take us to Rani Mahal, he laughed and said ”bhatkinu ateko building kina herne ra?” 
More Pictures Below

Ah, I really want to do what Khadka Samsher did in my plot of land one day but make it while my Tejkumari is alive and enjoy the years ahead.
Lex Limbu
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  1. aqreee wah! bhatkeko building bhatkincha ki chadai bhanera tah herna jane ni bhainjel haina rah?>

    yo article padhe pachi tah malai ni jana mann lagyo. kasto thiyo holah hai teti khera..very interesting.n i hope u get to go there before it dhaling.touristko lagi nabhaeni the government should look after it and preserve whats left of it ni hau./

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