First Love Movie Trailer

Another Nepali New Gen type of film. As they say’ when it rains it pours. We the mass can look forward to First Love, Acharya, Mero Love Story, Purple Days, Dasdhunga and Kohi…Mero. In this movie as stated previous theres the duo from Sano Sansar, Mahesh Shakya (Karma) and Vinay Shrestha. You will also be seeing Aryan Sigdel – hes also in Mero Love Story, Kohi Mero, Flashback, Hifajat – ”slow down mate”. Nisha Adhikari is back in action and Reecha Sharma finally gets to ..act.. lol. Check out the trailer below. I would’ve preferred to hear some dialogue aswell but ah well.

Lex Limbu
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