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Having started his career by directing music video’s, Alok Nembang has come very far. Alok’s first music video was of Nabin K Bhattarai’s Lakhau Patak where he casted Jharana who also made her first debut on-screen. Since then Alok Nembang has directed several dozen videos ranging from Kasko Akha Lagyo, Bhijyo Sirani and the overplayed track Na Birse Timilai. Nembang who has managed to distinguish his own style amidst other directors is known for beautiful story telling in the videos which consist of many bright colours. This maybe due to his work ethic where he always draws up what will be done in each shot and frame. Alok who believes in quality provided us with one of the best quality Nepali movie in recent times with Sano Sansar. The movie not only created a storm in the box office but it also brought many Nepalis back to watch Nepali film. Alok is currently in the post-production stage for his second directorial venture Kohi…Mero. The charming director who’s eagerly awaiting the finish of his movie agreed to answer few questions for lexlimbu.com
Hey Alok, What has the feedback been like for Kohi…Mero? Well….as of now we have only released a teaser & the website…the feedback has been quiet encouraging. Its overwhelming to know that people are eagerly waiting for the movie’s release.
 Movies such as Sano Sansar, Kagbeni, Mero Euta Saathi Cha have been made targeting the market who steer away from Nepali cinema and that in itself has been successful but what has the response been like from typical Nepali cinegoers who go to see the likes of Nikhil Uprety, Rekha Thapa etc? It is one of the biggest challenges we are facing right now…the regular Nepali film audiences are still not used to the kind of cinema we make. That sans dhishum dhishum,loud acting.
However, I am not losing hope because this is the same audience who once patronized movies like Samjhana, Lahure,Chino etc..not that I am comparing our movies to these classics but I am positive that the golden era of Nepali movies will definately come back. 
What can we expect from Kohi…Mero that we have not seen in Sano Sansar? Genre wise Sano Sansar was a romantic comedy whereas Kohi…Mero is a musical love story. I will say Kohi…Mero is very very filmy..don’t expect a different cinema because its not. The storyline is pretty predictable, filled with songs(yes…the actors lip synch). If you are a fan of mushy love stories then this movie is for you.
You’ve worked with Jharana in more than a dozen music videos but this is the first in a movie. What do you prefer, music videos or movies with Jharana? Jharana and I have known each other since 1998…that was the year I started off my career as a producer and a presenter at Image Channel.She was the female lead of my very first music video and since then she has done around 14 videos with me.I believe she is the only female actor who has done that many videos under my direction. Its always a pleasure to work with her. She is a thorough professional and a wonderful human being. Having Jharana in a project automatically makes the project more viable. I always felt bad that I could not fit her in my debut film. However I am glad and grateful that she agreed to be a part of Kohi…Mero. 
A change in trend has been seen as now more Nepalis abroad study creative subjects such as film, what advice would you give to them? Well when I first decided to Major in performing arts, there were many people who were against it because there was no scope for this profession then. But I am glad that I stuck to my decision. All I want to say is that one should always have confidence and make your own decisions then every thing will work out.
As a director what are the limitations you have faced working in Nepal? Limitations? Tell me about it. Man, there are so many things. First and foremost I think its the EXPOSURE, budget, resources, likeminded people and the list is endless but I am proud to say that we are doing fine even with so little.
 With the constitution deadline looming soon, for you what is the key factor that needs to be improved in terms of development in Nepal? We have to learn to say WE rather than me me me me then only things will get better.
Finally, when can we expect to see Kohi…Mero and any last words for lexlimbu.com viewers? In a couple of months time. We still haven’t set the release date yet. Can’t wait for the movie to release. To the viewers all I want to say is that you cannot expect to like everything for example I was going through some of the comments recently; there I came across a comment about how movies like Sano Sansar, Mero Euta Saathi Chha .etc were bad movies and how the person compared the movies with Numafung, Kagbeni. What really surprised me was that the person was comparing movies of different genres. I believe he likes realistic cinema but there are people in the world who like mushy love stories. Only because you like a paticular kind of a movie doesn’t mean that you should write trash about other kind of movies. I have made a movie I have always wanted to make. Movies I believe in, so I am not apologetic. I am not going to apologize to people for making a true masala flick. I have done my part and now its upto you to watch or not watch it.  🙂
Rapid Fire
Woody Allen or Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino, love Pulp Fiction

Mum or Aama
Aama, infact Aamu – thats what I call my aama

Aryan Sigdel or Karma

Chatpate or Panipuri

Malvika Subba or Jharana Bajracharya


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  1. He seems one of beyond stereotypical directors of Nepal. Great job!

    PS- he chose J.B against malvika. yu must be :)))

  2. @ Alok Nembang

    first, i’d like to appologize for mi harsh words in that comment..
    but i’d still want to make few notes on how u took mi comments for.. u see, i actually watch every sort of movie.. and i can very well differentiate the different genres of movies.. i’m a film production student myself. i went to watch “sano sansar” expecting a MASALADAR movie, the same reason i watch ur music videos which i also love.. but to me the movie failed bad. masaladar movie shud be making us laugh and cry, and not make us feel uncomfortably tickled.. brother, unless u’re targeting some sections of audience, i personally think people will eventually stop expecting good movies from u, coz there are many people who have the similar taste like mine.. they’ve tasted hindi, korean, and even hollywood(masala) movies..
    so no offence.. just wanted to give an honest critisism.. take it in constructive way.. no hard feels hai.. write me if u want more explaination..

  3. Hi Lex. Interesting interview. Waiting for the Nembang’s movie.
    Hope it will live upto audiences’ expectations. 🙂

  4. trashdell@yahoo
    Hi Alok, reading some of the comments I also wanted to put a few words. Buddy your view for a change and to bring back old nepali movies glory is good but think of the new trend or try to do something like hollywood types. So many good movies are available which u can picturize i ur movies and give nepali movie a shot. I myself have seen thousands movie and I can recommend some. Be versitile and spontaneous and capture the new trend of watching good movies. But remember new comers are welcome but choice of ur actors should be some with a clean image as valgurism is still a taboo issue in our country.

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