Prince Paras in Birgunj

 Former Crown Prince Paras Shah was in Birgunj to inaugarate Birgunj Community Eye Hospital on Wednesday and also made time to visit Gahawamai Temple. This comes at an interesting time when Maoists are preparing for a mass protest to overthrow the present government. With no constituition in hand, Nepali politics can have a U-Turn, who knows? What surprises me is how come when Gyanendra went to Janakpur and now Paras in Birgunj – theres hoardes of people to welcome them…dont get me wrong – I appreciate these figures but the Jana-Andolan II had such a magnificient turn out that it looked like everyone was anti-monarchy.

“I don´t want to be a king personally,” Shah said, adding, “But if the people want, monarchy may return.” Stating that he does not want to make “political comments”, he urged politicians to lead the country toward peace and prosperity. Asked about press freedom, Shah questioned, “Was the media stopped from writing in our days?”

Lex Limbu
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  1. I will give up my Nepali passport if Gyanendra becomes King again. Not him nor his descendants.

    There was a king once and he was murdered. That is when the monarchy was vanquished. And the murderers are still around with malevolent smile on their fucking face.

    R.I.P Late King Birendra and his family 🙂

  2. Lets Think says:

    This dude is hilarious. His comments make him even more dubious. And look at his hair and beard. Appearance, my brother, matters. I do not trust anyone with a beard like that and a pony tail. I am sure Kollywoods’ make up artists will be inspired though.

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