TGIF – World Cup Fever!!

Did you guys see Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, John Legend and many others perform at the WC 2010 Opening concert last night? Pretty awesome right? I feel as if the UK is missing the World Cup fever, I dont see that excitement when I walk outside, on media etc – theres more serious World Cup docs then light entertainment shows. I’ve come to the conclusion because the England flag kinda scares me, so many different far-right groups such as English Defence League use it to protest against foreign immigrants in the UK. #BadImage. Secondly, in Nepal the World Cup Fever is so much more. Theres all different coloured flags, probably due to the Nepal team not playing. Magazines, Newspapers and TV all advertise their products linked with the WC for example beer, tv. Hotels open up their lounges for enthusiasts to come and watch. Check out the pictures below – World Cup Fever in Nepal. 2010
I dislike Saptahik, the last picture is from the ”vulgar” weekly. Pradeep Maharjan is pictured on the centre, I think hes in the Nepal football team. If you are in Kathmandu and want to know places where you can go watch WC on a HUGEEEE screen, CLICK HERE.
Lex Limbu
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