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A car bomb took place in Basundhara on Tuesday(8 June), Bishnu Shah, 21 of Dang has now been arrested. The motive behind the bombing was his desire to become a millionaire, he had also planned to cause chaos in other hotspots of the city.
 Former King Gyanendra has reached Simara to attend worship at the newly constructed temple of the Mata Baishnodevi on Wednesday (16 June) morning.
Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala is set to tie the knot with Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal on June 18th when the ceremony takes place in Gokarna Resort, Kathmandu.
28 Rhinos have been poached to death in the past year in Chitwan National Park. Lack of security and response from the park authorities have made it easy for poachers. Due to pressure the Govnt has come up with a new ”initiative” to curb poaching.
With an increase of criminal activities in the capital, Nepal Police has come up with an idea of using bicycles to tackle petty crimes. Seriously, have you seen the huge bellies these men have??
Lex Limbu
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  1. Yea, those police officers do have HUGE bellies..!! They do nth ..instead of sittin around … letting crimes take place :/

  2. aww the rhino incidents happening in chitwan is well sad, makes me feel discusted with management of the park, waiting for the day where animals are actually safe in asian countries.
    BTW your website is pretty interesting makes me read news about nepal 🙂
    keep on the good work

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