Fairytale of Kathmandu – Documentary

Fairytale of Kathmandu is a documentary directed by Neasea Ni Chianain where she follows and documents popular Irish poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh’s journey to Nepal. However, during the process of filming Neasea uncovers how Cathal had been having close relationships with many young Nepali men of 16 years or older. I watched this a while back and felt a bit disgusted, disgusted with the young guys behaviour for being so easy but then I realised, they were being given hopes for education, a new life, a future therefore they did what they had to. After much controversy poet Cathal O Searcaigh remains unaffected by law since the age of consent for sex in Nepal is 16. The tension really builds when Neasea confronts the poet and asks regarding his relationship with these innocent men, furthermore we as the audience can see the director being heartbroken with what she’s having to find out. Dont forget to watch the last scene where Neasea puts Cathal on the spot by asking him of his sexual realtions with the Nepali men.
The beautifully documented Fairytale of Kathmandu has recieved recognition and also won three awards in three various film festivals. Ive added the trailer for the documentary below however if you wish to watch the hour long documentary then please click here.

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  1. i hate this person cathal. really hate him! I wont suggest ppl to watch it. its the bitter truth. There are many more like that.

  2. Lex posted this because in our generation, things are encouraged to not be left taboo-ed! helloo! There are people out there who are ugly, liars.. face the reality!

  3. i dont get why people are discouraging others from watching it. things arent always nice and just cos you hide the bitter bits doesnt mean they’re not there anymore. how can these problems be tackled if people dont even know about them in the first place? awareness is the first step and im glad you took it

  4. It is an eye opener……shud be on all nepalese ppl’s fb page so everyone can watch it….this needs more advertisement dude!! come on u can do bete than this…..this really needs to be seen by all the nepalese…not just ppl abroad, ppl in the country who r facing it in real…sth really needs to be done…this post u did i give u a thumbs up…real good..awesome!!

  5. what does the boys who were victims have to say about it …lack of education in the country,or the situation of the country please i would like to know that…who were to blame

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