Sadichha Shrestha Becomes Miss Nepal

The fresh faced Sadichha Shrestha has clinched the title today for this year! Shrestha who has also been seen in another beauty pageant and VOW magazine before bagged the cash price of Nrs 50,000 and the Cherry QQ3 car. Following Sadichha was the public favourite Sahana Bajracharya who became the First-Runner Up and Sanyukta Timilsena who now is the Second-Runner up.
I hope Sadichha achieves a lot in her year, and the other two aswell – actually there isnt a lot to do if you have to beat Miss Moktans tenure since she didnt really do much. 😉 
Ahh the life of a Miss Nepal. I wont say anymore.

 Sahana Bajracharya, Sadiccha Shrestha, Sanyukta Timilsena

Title Winners

Miss Beautiful Hair: Sujata Swar
Miss Photogenic: Sadichha Shrestha

Miss Beautiful Smile: Anita Acharya

Miss Smart Walk: Sadichha Shrestha

Miss Personality: Sadichha Shrestha

Miss Beautiful Complexion: Priya Rani Lama

Miss Friendship: Chandani Dewaju

Miss Talent: Pushpanjali KC

Miss Public Choice: Sanyukta Timsina

Lex Limbu
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  1. 1st & 2nd runners up, Sahana Bajracharya & Sanyukta Timisina = the princesses
    The most beautiful winner, Miss Nepal Sadichha Shrestha = The Queen
    After crowning, Queen Sadichha seated on the throne.
    The two princesses are so lucky having the opportunity to flanked their beautiful Queen.

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