Kohi Mero Collects Over 1 Crore 20 Lakhs!!

Alok Nembangs film Kohi Mero has collected over 1 Crore 20 Lakhs within three weeks of screening!! As reported by merocinema.com the movie has been doing good business slowly yet steadily. Having spoken to the producer yesterday, he is fully confident that the movie will pick-up in single-screen stations outside of Kathmandu in its fourth consecutive week and KM is still waiting to be screened in another 10 theatres in the country. Aside from this Digital Cinema Nepal is set to screen Nepali films in Malaysia and they have sent Dasdhunga, Kohi Mero and First Love for the censor. So Nepalis in Malaysia can hopefully expect these movies soon. Sadly, for people living in the UK…Kohi Mero screening wont be going ahead. For more details, read here.
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  1. i was actually looking forward to watching it here but just saw your fb thingy you did your best! you can safely take credit for catapulting its success to some extent i know i would if i was you so well done to you and the producers

  2. if i’m correct, abt. 20 yrs ago, there was this nepali film “chino” which was made with the budget of around 1 coroe rupee, most expensive nepai film ever.. how does the present nepali film industry stand in regard to that??

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