Real Estate Boom in Kathmandu

Civil Homes Phase 4 – Apartment City
Apartment Building
Some other apartment building

Kathmandus increasing skyline
CityScape at Hattiban by the Chaudhary Group
Construction Work at Downtown Apartments
Fishtail Residency in Pokhara
Imperial Apartments in Sanepa
The pictures above are just a teaser! Nepal has witnessed a boom in the Real estate sector. From land to housing. Its all taking off again! Housing colonies are an old news, we’ve seen them scattered around the outer Kathmandu ring-road to even in Pokhara and Dharan but the new wave is the apartment culture in Kathmandu. There was a good few dozen projects which was launched few years ago however after the tight control by Nepal Rastra Bank, things slowed down. Nonetheless, its all kicking off again with more than 15 projects being approved by the Government. So if you ever thought of living in your own penthouse duplex suite like the Upper-East Siders from Gossip Girl, now may be your chance to buy an apartment in Kathmandu. Lets just hope the designs and the construction match the computer generated design. I wont bore you with the statistics but majority of the apartment projects being launched have gained a good response with large percentage of bookings within the first few weeks. 
If I could afford one then Id probably opt for a nice duplex apartment in Park View Horizon, it looks lush! 

So go on girls and boys, persuade your daddies and mummies to sell the old house with the unfunctioning water system and cracks on the walls or just get a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy 😉

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Images: Housing Nepal
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  1. wow
    nepal pani uk jasto huna lagyo but think they should mostly focus on giving shelter to the poor people and establishing free school for them
    thats my point

  2. @anita grg:if u dont mind…may be nepal aba nepal jasto hunu parna thyo testai huna lagako chha…and they wont focus on giving shelter to the poor people and free education thats why they are making money…and must say they are making a few place better so that they can attract peoples like us. may be someday we would go there and do something about the poor peoples.anyway at least we are thinking……

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