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Less than 3 months away from the grand Nepal Tourism Year 2011, hotel operators in Kathmandu and other urban areas are busy renovating their existing buildings and refurbishing rooms. Capitalizing on this mega event is the Airport Hotel which is located just outside the Golden Gate, the hotel will come into operation within the first few months of 2011. Star hotels in the country are making investment of more than Rs 1 billion as a part of their capacity building and expansion plan. Grande Hotel of Pokhara has applied to upgrade to become 5 Star whereas Hotel Himalaya is heading for the Boutique status. 
The picture above is of a newly constructed apartment hotel in Pulchowk where guests are offered long-term stay. Aside from Kathmandu and Pokhara, Sauraha has also witnessed a growth in the number of hotels operating in the area. Existing hotels are adding more rooms and facilities to offer better services.
Kitchen Hut is a restaurant which has undergone renovation. With a brand spanking new look the restaurant is all set to offer wonderful delicacies to the tourists seeking standard service in Nepalgunj. With all the investments being made, lets hope the number of tourists arriving will keep increasing aswell. Aside from that, we need a toilet in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. I’ve read too many news articles about the NO LOO situation.
Lex Limbu
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  1. wow!! airport gate renovation, all set hotels…preparation goin on smooth n strong.. seems like tourists will
    take home a beautiful memory frm Nepal this tourism year 2011…. VISIT NEPAL – 2011 lets make it happen..

  2. Airport is the first impression of any country. Out Nepalese airport is non less than prehistoric piece of crap. Need to renovate airport first then everything else can follow.
    Just make sure that so called government can provide Garbage and political strike free year 2011. that is more than enough…

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