Lone Gurkha Battles the Taliban!

Sgt. Dip Prasad Pun has turned into an over-night hero. Well he deserves to! Pun fought off the Taliban in a Rambo-style hail of fire holding 30lb gun and letting 750 rounds off a minute. This courageous act is believed to have killed three Taliban and wounded several others. This battle is believed to have taken place on September 17, however Sgt. Pun (1st Battalion of Royal Gurkha Rifles) has refused to speak about the incident.
Medal Please!!!
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  1. Only he knows what kind of catastrophe he went through when fighting alone. Not only medal, he should be registered in history of Proud Son of Nepal.

  2. sabb ulta palta cha yo story better leave this for a while dude,
    yup he has done gr8 job … usko halka chakap pani thapera banako cha…dun know why ??
    – rgr

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