Jharana and Subash in Anju Panta’s Video

The Kohi Mero actors Jharana Bajracharya and Subash Thapa will once again be seen together in Anju Panta’s upcoming video for the song Timro Yaad Auda. The video is a BAP Creation, directed by Alok Nembang. Enjoy the pictures, filming took place in the Kulekhani area. O! If you want to see pictures of this hot dusky duo from Narayan Gopal’s UPCOMING video which still hasnt been released then click HERE!
TRIVIA: After Na Birse and Phool Jastai, this is Jharana B’s third video for Anju Panta.
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  1. Did the make-up artist forget to apply make-up on the male model?
    While Jharana looks utterly gorgeous with simple camera lense, guy looks Meh 🙂

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