We Only Live Once

Suruwatma, Happy Tihar to everyone. Be responsible, enjoy with friends and family. 
We Only Live Once. I say this line often because yes, we only do live once even though it may be a long life. Saying this also makes me realise how short and unpredictable life is… I feel the need to accomplish a lot. I dont know if its my need to do this or its the pressure from those around me to achieve a lot. Whatever it is, I want to try my hands at it and give it my best. 
Studying in Kathmandu International Study Centre in Nepal taught me a lot. Hearing the experiences from my non-Nepali teachers and foreign friends led me to ask my dad, ”baba, tapaile tapaiko desh ko lagi k garnu bhayeko cha?”. Pumping his chest out, he answered how he enlisted into the British Gurkha Rifles at the age of 17 and as an orphan child it was a struggle for him to provide for his younger siblings as well as maintain the village house which was left behind. To me, his answer meant nothing. I had become so accustomed to hearing the stories of my foreign teachers rescuing village women, providing treatment and educating the poor. I often asked my non-Nepali friends why they loved Nepal so much, why they’re still here. I felt as if they were more Nepali than myself. Each of them worded it differently but the bottomline was they felt it was their duty to Help Nepal. While thousands of Nepalis leave Nepal each year in and out seeking better opportunities, hundreds of missionaries and aid workers make Kathmandu their home to bring a change. 
Aside from the non-contact charity work which us Non-Resident Nepalis take part in from abroad, I want to encourage everyone of you who will visit Nepal in 2011 to do something. Volunteer, donate, sponsor or go help in your ancestral village. 2011 is the perfect time with so many of us going back. Yes, we do need to enjoy. Go get drunk in Thamel and shop like crazy in New Road but also realise that much of Nepal still needs our help. Doing something is what I forgot to do during my visit in 2009 and O’ how I feel so guilty. The chaotic lifestyle of Kathmandu surely makes you completely forget your responsibilities. However, the trip of 2009 also opened my dad’s eyes as he feels that his contribution to his village has been near zilch. 
Lets Make It Happen -We Only Live Once
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