World Premiere – Angalera by Aura

There are so many hidden Nepali talents around the world just waiting for that exposure, that platform to be projected out to the mass. If you are one of them then work hard… self-promotion is the best. Now today we have AURA, a very talented trio comprising of Subaan, Vedant and Ashwini from Darjeeling. The three who met at a Inter-School music competition came to form a band though they are far apart; Subaan is currently studying in the UK, Vedant in Sikkim and Ashwini in New Delhi. 
Subaan explains how ”it was tough during the recording stages of the first studio album Timro Sahara however it was all worth it in the end”. The band has plans to release a second album probably in 2011 but Subaan will be coming out with his solo material before that. His single ”Sight” will be released soon. Join their FACEBOOK
The video for Angalera has been filmed in the UK directed by Rabi Chamling Rai. This is his debut in the music video scene. We hope to see more from him. Miss HK Nepal 2005 Purnima Gurung has appeared alongside Sanjeev Rai for this visually appealing 4 minute long masterpiece. Now I hope you all will also like the video as I did, if there are any criticisms you wish to address please refrain from using inappropriate language. 
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Song – Angalera
Artist – Aura
Models – Purnima Gurung / Sanjeev Rai
Dir/Edit – Rabi Chamling Rai
Camera – Rabi / Santosh Rai
Producer – Shanti Gurung
Screenplay – Rosie Rai
Story Board – Nayuhangma Rai / Paruhangma Rai
Wardrobe / Styling – Manita Rai / Sarita Rai
Shooting location – Farnborough, Aldershot, Guildford..

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Haaa….( ̄∇ ̄ #)Rabi dai you just murdered my name *criesinheremocorner*….and you made a nice story by the way but you didn’t really use it D’:…overall the video was nice =u= luuv the cleariiinesssss of it…neee~

    I like the song too 😀 now Imma gonna listen it 129874158375 times to satisfy myself and till my ears bleed haaahaha

  2. Lex Brow Thx hai 4 sharing
    Daami lagyo yo song maile pahile suney ko korian video ma tara yo jhan babal lagyo Daamiz
    gre8 job Bro

  3. funny comments

    navaraj said…

    excellent job!!!!!!!Keep it up

    21 November 2010 18:08
    Dipti said…

    G8 video, luved it! well done.

    21 November 2010 18:21

    dis 1 is my fav

    PaijAzu said…

    Awesome Nepali Music Video I ever Watched!!!
    Thanks Brother For Sharing..!!


  4. The models r cute but the video is bit flat and the story kinda didn’t make sense…song I might like it if I listen to it few more times…not very catchy like in for the first time listener.

  5. thumbs up to video quality! great female model. what’s with the lost male model?! i mean his acting skills? n hello?!!should we be following a story line?that kills it all(in a bad way). mediocre.

  6. Sanjeeb singh’s song is far better than this crap song. Visulation is really really rubbish. Keep on trying aura.
    Hi purnima mickey mouse. hehe…
    talk u later. take care.

  7. Someone should really change the name.
    Or I am gonna start killing some kittens that I saw on the corner of the street. LIKE SRSLY.

    It’s NAYUMA. >:I
    Where the hell would even hang fit in that.
    I am still mad.

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