UK’s Turn to Help Kumar Kancha

You may have already read my previous post which talked about the event ‘An Evening for Kumar Kancha’which is taking place tommorow at Patan Museum and is organized by Namrata Shrestha. The Nepalese diaspora in Australia have been very dedicated in raising funds for Kumar Kancha with more than $3277 Australian dollars already raised. Nepal has raised more than Nrs 106,141 so I believe it is now time for us in the UK to raise money for Kumar Kancha.
By the beginning of next week I shall have a new page on this blog which gives more detailed information about donaters. However for now, a poster is being made and UK’S TURN TO HELP KUMAR KANCHA will be mentioned tonight on BFBS Gurkha Radio and the poster will also be printed on Europe’s Nepali Patra. Its not about how much you give, its about the support. Feel free to give as much or as little. Whatever we raise, will be sent across to Namrata Shrestha where she will forward the amount to the right people.
I will try my best to make this whole process transparent and I know trust is a key issue here, if you do not believe that what I am doing is genuine then feel free to seek other ways to help Kumar Kancha.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Anonymous said…
    I think they are trying to support, what you on abt

    “never seen like this cheap marketing”

    18 December 2010 22:59

    Aiiieee TanQ 4 d explanation

    Can u plz explain me these stuff as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bank transfer.
    Bank: Lloyds TSB
    Name: Mr Saujan Pandhak
    Account Number: 10972060
    Sort Code: 30-91-73

    For PayPal:

    Anonymous said…
    Let’s give what we can. It’s good want 2 support. c nothing wrong with that?

    18 December 2010 23:11


    Oh i too want to support KK

    This is a great initiative towards a good cause, presumably thought of by one of our younger generation. Would be happy to support by putting this up jointly on whilst also highlighting it as a great initiative by our young ones.

    please feel free to let me know your thoughts
    Grg ni

    Let’s give what we can. It’s good want 2 support. c nothing wrong with that?

    This is the way it’s got 2 b
    oh CoalChamber!!! (^_.)miss


  2. ‘Grg ni’
    have something against him/her? looks like you know him/her personally. fgs This is about joining hands for Kumar Kancha fundraising effort!
    imho does good work

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