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Now we have seen many Nepalese event companies organising parties in the name of charities to bring in that extra few animals to entertain them on the dancefloor and help them smile their way to the banks but there are a group of professionals in Nepal brought together with one vision of a more aware and responsible future generation. Their objective is to motivate and mobilize youngsters of Nepal by working on social, environmental and educational issues of Nepal. Pictures do all the talking – check out their fundraising events so far.
Their third fundraising event PARTY GREEN DREAM 3 will take place on the 15th January at Club Platinum, the tickets priced at a reasonable Nrs 600. 
Two of their aims from this party are
1. To add 10 more kids on their sponsorship program.
#Students: 5 students(Dang), 3 (Mustang) and 2 (Helambu)
#Duration of Sponsorship: 3 years minimum*
# Help: Books, tuition fees, exam fees, uniform,health checkups and lunch money. 
2. The Believers has announced to adopt a villlage in Upper Mustang for plantation program. Around 1300 to 1500 plants will be planted there under the supervision of a group representative and the local community club. This plantation program will probably kick off in April 2011.
Project EducateOne is the project that aims exclusively at Nepali youths living in the country or out of nepal. Believers will have profiles of students and people can chose to sponsor for 3 years. If the person cant do it alone, they can form a group to help a student. The idea is to encourage the youths of Kathmandu that their little savings can change lives.
Click Here – For their Facebook Page (Great Photos) 
Click Here – For their event page
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