Size Zero Sanchita!

Pictured above is frail looking Sanchita Luitel of Kohi Mero alongside actress Richa Ghimire who looks… lets say a bit too healthy – married life must be doing wonders for the dusky Richa 😉
Sanchita who eloped with Kollywood action-man Nikhil Upreti has been living in Mumbai and is trying her hands at breaking the teleserial-circuit of Mumbai while hubby (for now) Nikhil is trying to crack South Indian cinema. 
Another twist in this whole Nikhil-Sanchita saga is that Kopila Upreti (Nikhils first wife) is believed to be going to Mumbai soon in search for Nikhil. O drama!
Anyways, who cares. If you want to see a picture of Sanchita Luitel in bikini tops frolicking around a swimming pool with Aryan Sigdel when she was a bit fuller then CLICK HERE.
Lex Limbu
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