Help Kumar Kancha UPDATE

Final update of Help Kumar Kancha. What I started on the 17th December – to collect donations for Kumar Kancha came to an abrupt end when Kancha passed away in Mumbai exactly a month later on the 17th January. Even during this short amount of time I along with the support of everyone else managed to collect a grand total of £800 GBP which equalled to Nepali Rupees 91,600. Please watch the video below for all the full details.

The amount was transferred to Jharana Bajracharya on the 25th January where then she deposited the money to Nepali Investment Bank account number 01205030283984. Many thank you to everyone who donated:

Special mention to – 

Nina didi of
Maidstone Nepalese Community
Medway Nepalese Community
Parcha Productions
Nepali Patra
Tsering Phuntsok
and everyone who checks out my website. 

Lex Limbu
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