MP’s Claim Overwhelms Citizens!

Gerald Howarth an MP who represents Aldershot and Farnborough in parliament recently wrote a letter to the PM Cameron stating the problem related to the inward migration of Nepalese people as a result of the 2009 High Court ruling that gave all Gurkhas the right to settle in the UK with their dependants. “This has had a very significant impact over a very short period of time and it is now estimated that 10% of the borough of Rushmoor’s population of approximately 90,000 is Nepalese,” said Mr Howarth in the letter. PUBLIC services are in danger of being “overwhelmed” by a recent influx of Nepalese immigrants, an MP has said.
His claim is just BLAH because it is a known fact that there are more Poles, Pakistanis, Indians and basically everything else in the UK than the Nepalese so before going out and picking on us, he should read other stats or do more to cope with the migration than complain. The more interesting thing is the comments from readers on the article page – click here.
Readers say:
‘And furthermore please dont try to build your community in our community ! Join in!’ 
‘MP Gerald should go back to school to read social science that how many none white people lives in UK or in Aldershot. Why only he talks about Nepali (Gurkhas) Why he can not tell others from around the world.’
What do you guys think? Any readers from Aldershot/Farnborough? How is ittt? 
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. haha its funny that why the issue has come up. is he not being able to cope with the problems that is in the borough to tackle it and make it smooth and ongoing. as far as i know he knew the situation and applied for the MP post. or just for the sake of MONEY or something else god knows. i love aldershot n i know there are some weird people (of course stupid brits & kam napako nepalis) living there but that doesn’t make the MP to just say Neps are responsible for everything when he cant find anyother people to blame.

  2. its funny how these didn’t have this problem of being ”overwhelmed” when thousands and thousands of gurkhas died in the battlefield saving their sorry asses.
    I am sorry but if it weren’t for the gurkhas, mr MP wouldn’t have a Britain to call himself british.

  3. hes a idiot its funny how the british colonised the world and had slaves from different countries and did not complain then but as soon as some gurkhas get in to thier towns its a fucking big issue!! i think he needs a cock up his ass the batty fucking pervert.

  4. This man is a bigot and an idiot. A few years ago he asked (at a local school visit) a half-Black boy ”so when did you arrive in the UK?”

    He was kissing Gurkha’s feet so he would be elected as well now he comes out with this.

    And how is it helpful to just state there are a lot of us here, so what? How will he help the less reluctant to integrate? What a total UNGRATEFUL knob. Cheese.

    Just save your votes next time.
    (also unfortunately, I note the 1st anonymous comments read ”stupid Brits”… Well maybe if we all do our part and not threaten the English. As we know, everything foreign scares them, speaking a different language in front of them etc. This is fact though, not racism! Even if the elderly Nepali women just wore casual western stuff I think would be like, hey they ARE trying to fit in… Just my thoughts.

  5. This british MP is racist as hell. Just show another typical dirty side of politics. I know refugee is big problem in UK as of any countries europe or moreover the world but that doesn’t mean he needs to accuse all Nepali immigrants who have mostly served loyally in Gurkha army and are working service related jobs.
    Also there are other immigrants in vast quantities like Indian, Polish and Pakistanis what about them? Did you turn your blind eye to them MP cause you couldn’t argue with them or are you used to their kebabs and samosa from cheap labor?

  6. This Guy uses tax payers money to pay his sky sports subscription what is he going to teach the rushmoor county? Nothing. He just wants to tear our community apart. We Nepali people have contributed in this community so much and proven in many ways that we are a great asset to this community and most people have realised that. His 15 minutes of fame will soon be over.

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