Kantipur News Goes Black – Loadshedding Increases

Kantipur TV have started broadcasting their 7PM evening news bulletin with the help of one lantern; dubbed the Lalteen Bulletin this is their symbolic protest against the 12 hour daily loadshedding which Kathmanduitees are currently facing. Their efforts have been praised by thousands and picked up by international media. Kudos to KTV, you surely are the best channel in Nepal. Theres even a video of the bulletin linked below, watch the anchor fire questions at the Minister… its even more funnier when she interrupts in the middle and wont let him finish. Girl surely has some grudge against the man and why not aye! When I was in Nepal in the Summer of ’09 even the 2 hours loadshedding felt like a lifetime. I would think of doing something to make me stay awake so I can continue doing things which involved electricity after those two hours but it only took 20 minutes then I was dead on the bed only to be woken up by boju the next morning for the daily dal-bhat. Unfortunately, due to decreasing water levels NEA have published the new loadshedding schedule where the 12 hours has been extended to 14, so thats a total of 98 Hours loadshedding in a week! It truly sucks! Hearing things such as this makes me feel disappointed…or when Im chatting to my facebook friends from Nepal and they quickly say BYE to me because the power is gunna go off any minute. 
#Nepal Loadshedding Bata Mukti Huwosh. 

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  1. This girl is awesome, I don’t know if the video is edited like this but, i like how she didn’t give a chance to the minister to express some of his bull shit clarification.

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