When Bryan Adams Rocked Kathmandu!

Adams performs with a lucky fan Brinda Singh

Reading the reviews from The Himalayan Times and MyRepublica! It looks like the Bryan Adams concert was very much worth every rupees. My facebook was flooded with BRYAN ADAMS STATUSES for a good couple of hours. It was a refresher from the recent Arsenal match I must say. No reported hic-cups as such, few traffic chaos as expected and 18,000 plus enjoying music from Mr Adams; Success. Check out the celebrity shout outs, images and a video below. Tell me guys, what was the highlight and the lowlight of the event?

KarmaBryan Adam’s n his Crew totally rocked.. awesome crowd,time everything was just right.. cheers to all the people who made it.
Raj Ballav KoiralaBryan Adams was amazing!
Prasan SyangdenBryan adams- the concert wat an ordeal…...a day I won’t be forgeting anytime soon….
Malvika SubbaThrough mismanagement,politics,lack of dressing room for Nepali artists and chaos,the BA concert took place.I hosted.but there was no excitement until Brian dài turned up.it was so cold I absconded afta 5 songs .
Sarun TamrakarBryan Adams, starting song Katmandu

Bryan Adams arriving in Kathmandu

More Pictures from NAGARIK NEWS!

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  1. Program ma nepal ko 1 beijjet Dinesh D.C bryan adams live in nepal ko 1 host le Nepal tourism year 2011 lai visit nepal year 2011 re…..tourism year ko barema bolna gayeko manche lai
    Nai thaha nai …,tara afu awaz ko suniya ko king ya sumthing bhanna chahi chodena.

  2. “Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.”
    I LOVED it, liked everything about the show,Thought BA was excellent as the singer and all the others played their role perfectly.Not a bad production but not great

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