Love Bites Photos!

Jasmi Gurung with a friend.
Damn, I think I’ve been stretching the Nepali Timing too far these days. Here are the photos from the LOVE BITES; Pre-Valentines Party which took place at Tipsy Lounge and Bar on the 12th February. This event was organized by ILoveEnt, it had teens of Kathmandu in hoardes. From beauty pageant winners Elina Gurung to Pratul Jb Rana and Kathmandu’s very own calendar girl Jasmi Gurung and more. For the full set of pictures – click here..
Elina and Pratul with friends.
Lex Limbu
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  1. randi ko ban aru kehi kaam chaina tero….yesto jpt photo khichdai baschas.taent 0% ani khub dhga dekhgayera baschas…randi o ban…..

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