Sick City in Cinemas THIS MONTH

Now this is one film which has been getting good reviews and it hasnt even been commercially released yet. However come March 18th, this movie will be released through Quest Entertainment in Nepal. The movie is directed by Murray Kerr and managed to win the Best Nepali Film title in the KIMFF in 2010. 
This is just one little paragraph from MyRepublica’s movie review from a while ago:
In Bollywood, it was Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” that brought out the gritty images of Mumbai’s slums to the audience; in Nepal, we now have Murray Kerr’s “Sick City.” The film is even more grounded. No star is mocked in the film, and it has no fairytale ending. 
Check out the extended preview below. I would definitely go watch this.

Apparently Murray Kerr who went to Nepal to do this as a film project completed this in approx USD 3000. Its amazing how foreigners see so much potential in Nepal and there’s us… just slowly fleeing away.

Lex Limbu
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  1. The movie looks great but not the actors (I meant the acting skills)
    P.s only my opinion thought the actor lacked something
    having said that still want to see this movie

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