Cockroach Chow Mein!

So I was scrolling down my FB status updates when I came across this from a friend in Nepal – ”Don evea go to that freaking place – HOT BREADS, Durbar Margh where the waiter serves you an orange juice with cockroach as complimentary into it. Bloody asses”

I could tell straight away that he was angered, firstly because hes a journalist and they don’t make spelling mistakes. When I read further comments what I came to understand was the staff at Hot Breads silently handled the situation by taking him to the side and apologising and asking to not create a scene (as that would drive other customers away). Now we have all heard of stories of little rats being found in Samosa’s in some New Road ko pasal; I dont know how true that is but I will let you in an experience which I once had.
I’m a complete junk food lover – meaning I love to eat from Bhatti’s to the street stalls. There was ”Dharaney Momo” pasal in my chowk and they did chow mein for 45 rupees which is really cheap and it tasted great! So much flavour into it…until one day when I had my chow mein at lunch-time in school and I tasted a bit too much flavour. I took one fork-ful of chow mein and as it entered my mouth I realised I was chewing a lot more than just noodles. The crunchiness filled my mouth and I instantly thought – COCKROACH! 
However, the best thing about this is I didnt bother spitting the food out as I would have been more disgusted knowing I just had cockroach in my mouth so I munched even harder and swallowed it. Since that incident I havent been able to repeat my visits to ”Dharaney Momo”
Tell me guys, ever had cockroaches, rats etc in your food? 
PS. If you were about to write, I once ate an ANT that was in the sugar jar then dont bother writing… theyre not even animals. They’re practically in the sugar family.
PS No2#. Hot Breads has really gone downhill dont you think? I too didnt like their service back in ’09 
PS No3#. There are good places to eat! Dont be put off. lol
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Aah really nice to know abt Dharane momo pasal and about the cockraoch at hot breads! I dun have any stories regarding this insect eating thing but what I just wanna say is that these guys must be careful while serving the dishes otherwise whatever they are they’ll be completely left out alone!! 🙁

  2. dunnw which shop it was ut was ktm
    dad had a plate of chow mein, ate all of it and all tht was left was a leg of a cockraoch….now wheres the rest of it?????????

  3. That ‘rat-baby Samosa’ story is from like more than 5 yrs ago i think and it was Tiptop ho ki k bhanne Famous place in ktm…Some were saying it was jst a rumour but you never know!!
    I was also lucky enough to be served a special chowmein at a nice looking restaurant in Manakamana …it was supposed to be veg chowmein but it had a special ingredient ..a strange insect which looked like a combo of cockroach+grasshopper…not one but about 5 of them ..clearly visible even with my bad eyesight…dunno how the waiter missed it LOL!!

  4. are you telling me that 45 rupees for a chow mein is cheap that too back in ur school days…..??? chowmein cost just 15-20 a few years back lad !!! n considering ur age and the time u were at school it should have been a lot cheaper than 45 rupees and also u mentioned that 45 was alot cheaper at the time…. n thats supposed to be a bhatii right?? haha making up ur own story for a blog ha?? this one let me down bro…

    anyone would spit out if it was a cockroach inside their freaking mouth….

  5. That’s why I rarely eat out nowadays. You simply can’t trust these businessmen who have no care about health and hygiene of customers except for making money. Don’t be lazy and eat healthy food at home!!! Health is wealth. The foods served outside simply aint worth the risk.

  6. oh yea there was this once when i went to this hotel and asked for coke as i was about to drink it i smelled pee in the glass and gave it to the restaurant owners son and he drank was funny and just like one of yr stories up story.

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