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Can you see the picture above of a club. That’s what Nepali club parties are like these days. Very Spacious. With the mushroom of event companies forming one can stop expecting hoardes of crowd at parties which once saw up to a thousand or more attending. There are only a few big names which have managed to consistently pull in the crowd and out of those even those big event companies are struggling to attract the party-goers. In March, there’s two Nepali parties taking place that I know of and a lot more in April. Now we must not forget that there simply aren’t enough Nepali party enthusiasts to keep this going. When a party takes place it’s usually in a big venue, one has to attract those from the Farnborough, Aldershot, Ashford area as London alone simply cannot make it a sell-out.
I believe as event companies, its high-time we broadened our reach from clubs to other avenues. Look at the people in Canada, the second Toronto Nepali Film Festival is set to take place on the 12th of March. Now, a film fest may sound like a killer but this is only a one day event showcasing Nepali shortfilms made by students from Nepal and abroad etc. There are only few handful events which I believe are quite innovative. Out of that the Bournemouth Fest is a nice event which has a lot of potential in the future too. Everyone claims to be doing something different, with a new concept but that too still has not been put into practice, during my time as an event organiser I myself couldnt bring anything new as no one wanted to take the risk of doing something different. There’s more competition, more alliance forming… as business owners it would be better if everyone was civil to one another and professional but ke garne, hamro Nepali ko bani estai cha. 
So the simple message to event organisers: theres more to events than just parties. 
PS. Everyone claims they arent doing it for the money. lol
This post was inspired from this Tweet:  ”KFC and Mcd’s suffering with recruitment in Nep communities, every Nep thinking they bloggers and event managers now. Blame @lexlimbu”
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    True there’s more event just parties…..and I’m going to bring those events in few years time…..just let me be established first 😉

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