Bhat Bhateni Goes ONLINE

I think I’m a bit slow on this but the biggest department store in Nepal Bhat-Bhateni has gone online. Now you can conveniently buy all the products found in-store online at the Bhat Bhateni Online website. The plus points about BBSM online are free delivery within the Kathmandu valley and the prices are the same as displayed in-store. I believe you will save a lot in comparison to buying something from other e-shopping sites such as or Muncha. The website is very user-friendly and self explanatory, to pay for the items you can pay via an e-sewa account which is kinda like Nepal’s paypal. Give it a go, especially to all the urban busy (lazy) working professions of Kathmandu. 
Also, Bhat-Bhateni will be opening their third branch in Koteshwore later during the year, maybe mid 2011 and followed by a fourth branch in Baudha. Nice aye??
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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