ILoveEnt – Official Launch

Asmee Shrestha strutting her stuff
ILoveEnt is a new entertainment company which was recently launched at Moksh. The night began with a fashion show followed up by a DJ session. Now, looking through the photos I am green with envy. It looks ‘class’. The models, the venue, the stage, the clothes and the photos 😉 … I hope they come out with a video soon aswell. Seriously, where have all these girls and boys been hiding? They look so yummy! 😉 
The event was hosted by Samriddhi Rai and also had live music by Dougie Adhikari, Manas Ghale and more. 
I am so there next time!
Sidhartha and Akash
Choreographed by Noal Gurung
Lisa Mukhia
The Girls On Stage
The Boys Back Stage
Lex Limbu
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  1. dont u have the gay kissing picture tat happened in tat event tat day ? hint : the guy in black wid …………

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