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Party Nepals Shree Gurung with Rajesh Hamal
Party Nepal recently turned 8 and during the celebrations they even had the presence of Nepal’s Maha-Naya Rajesh Hamal to launch their upcoming venture PARTY NEPAL OUTDOORS. You must’ve been seeing the tagline ‘Lets Get Out of the BOX’ during your frequent visits on the PN website but do you actually know what’s heading your way? 
Party Nepal Outdoors is well …very self-explanatory. It’s a year long thing where the PNO team will organise 6 events running throughout the year (every two months) taking you to 6 different resorts where you will be able to enjoy various adventure sports from cycling to rafting and also enjoy entertainment at night be it karaoke or a DJ session. The best thing is that they will all arrange this for you and the bundle price will include transportation, accommodation, buffet food and activities. You will probably also be travelling alongside a group of young enthusiastic dare I say, adventurous party animals. Sounds fun right? I would definitely go to escape the midnight curfew of Kathmandu – no hassles from police and for the atmosphere of being amidst a diverse group of people.
 The First EVENT is at:
Where: Borderlands Resort
When: 2nd April-3rd April(return)
Who: DJ Mash Fbar Delhi; DJ BK (USA); DJ Ashutosh (Nepal); Rock SitarWhat: Cycling; Rafting; Canyoning; Picnic (BBQ setup by the riverside); Team building activities hosted by beautiful volunteers from FashionKraft/Bijoux school of modeling
1 Year Full Membership = Nrs 12,500
6 Months Full Membership = Nrs 7,000
1 Event = Nrs 5,000 Registration Charge + Nrs 1500 per event

Includes : Transportation | Welcome Refreshments | Buffet Dinner | Buffet Breakfast | Tent Accomodation | Mini Games | Picnic* | Adventure Sports* | Live Music | DJ
They will announce the details of the second venue at the first event in Borderlands and the price listed are the same for Nepali and Foreign nationals. 

More info at or 4422089
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