Party In Nepal : ANALYSED!

LOL. Check out the video above of Party Central; a show from Image Channel which covers various events happening in Nepal.
To note:
2:42 – Floor looks a bit empty… but the girl in the middle is beautiful so that makes up for it and I love her enthusiasm. lol
3:35 – Oo SPOTTED; Jasmi Gurung followed by a foreign chick, damn I must tone down my dance moves for Nepal. They dance very… laidback isshtyle ma.
5:16 – Finally, someone with interesting moves! Prasan Syangden! I likeees.
5:25 – Auntyjee can definitely rock out to Enrique’s I LIKE IT
6:30 – Someone find this dudee someone to grind with, poor bare hands.
6:57 – Gets better, HULLO RENASHA RAI!
8:08 – omg, tyo pachadi tyo keta ra keti are dancing like cat and mousee its soo entertaining
8:18 – that group back there, they are the Fashionkraft team – Sakil Kunwar, Sjian Bhattachan and Tenzin Bhutia with a … cant quite make out the final person.
9:50 – theyre tottally embracing the music, I think I found my party people!
10:55 – Okay they can definitely RWAKK, time to ring them up and see if they’re free in Summer!

Image Channel should edit the party ko videos before they air it, add some effects etc. What makes the Nepali parties in the UK seem so good has a lot to do with the way the cameraman is covering the event and the editing done to it. If the same treatment is given to the parties in Nepal then I am sure the video will turn out much more exciting. Nonetheless, the event looks great. They have attendees of wide age range which the parties here do not so thats good!
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. 10.47 a girl hugging and kissing every single man in the party. Her parents must have seen the footage, well thats her party life gone

  2. 8:21 … did he jus’ leave her alone on the floor?? :O then, 8:39… he takes a U turn AGAIN!!! :O :O :O

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