Nepal To Help Japan

Japan has been recieving international aid and support after the recent earthquake-tsunami that has taken the lives of over 9800 and affected over 17,000. Whilst Western nations are sending hoardes of rescue teams and supplies, Nepal has stepped in to help Japan. The government will provide 5000 pieces of blankets for the victims in need.
Several affected Nepali’s living in Japan have spoken out against the lack of facilitation by the Nepalese Embassy in Japan. What is happening in terms of the slow response from the embassy officials is one out of many questions to be raised. However, Foreign Secretary Madan Kumar Bhattarai has stated:
The government has prioritized rescuing the Nepali people in Gulf countries like Libya and Kuwait who are under threat due to political unrest there and it has been working accordingly.
Here is a personal account from a Nepali living in Japan regarding his experience of the earthquake and the Nepali Embassy. Post the earthquake in Japan, even Nepal has felt several tremors…I cannot imagine the magnitude of devastation that our country might face given an earthquake of such richter scale takes place. How prepared are you?
Lex Limbu
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