Beauty Queens Are So Dull and Boring…

Beauty Queens are so dull and boring, they should just not speak… even seeing their smile is like a yawnfest these days. – That was my twitter update today. I wrote this with the context of the present mushrooming trend of Beauty Pageants in Nepal. Aside from the biggest event being Miss Nepal, we have Miss Teen Nepal, Miss Mongol, Miss Aryan, Miss Newa, Miss Angel, the recent Miss Beautiful and the upcoming Miss Terai and a LOT more. Such event organisers have also been clever by extending this market to include the youngsters… those that barely know what they’re doing yet can fire away prim-proper answers and wiggle their little hips as they go along. What is it again… Mr and Miss Little Princess and so on.
There has been a good minority group of beauty pageant winners who have made their mark. Let’s say, extended their name and now can popularly be known for their other works aside from just being a pretty face with a crown on their head. Personally, for me Malvika Subba and Sugarika KC are such two figures who have accomplished a lot and have continued to do this beyond their ‘year’. Now for the pageant winners of other competitions like Miss Mongol etc, realistically they are presented with not a lot to do post their win. Sure, they may be a recognized face and attend various social events but there’s nothing worthy of being called a Winner for. And even the recent Miss Nepal winners, they’re perfect, they smile… they show off their teeth that they had recent whitened, they speak so diplomatically that even the audience knows what’s going to hit them next. It’s getting repetitively dull and boring. 
There’s that line…be yourself. But if ‘being’ a beauty queen is all they’ve worked for and be known for I guess that is ‘themselves’. The dim, plain pretty girls with candy-floss personalities. For those that are tired of such manufactured personalities I think it is largely also due to the countless beauty pageants. Too much of anything could make you sick bhancha ni Cheryl Cole’le. Too much beauty queens has simply made us lethargic even to observe them. To make it more exciting they should start with ”Miss ‘Big Butt’… Miss ‘Skinny Legs’, Miss Mountain (not talking about geographic location haroo… got it?) , Miss Six-Pack-ni?”, now that was said by Guffadi – the blogger
I recommend budding entrepreneurs to open a Tiara House in Kathmandu, I am sure that will be a good business venture. O and they should have an Annual Gathering of Beauty Pageant Contestants and Winners; it would surely be a spectacle! Out of the beauty pagent lot from the past few years the only ones that have kinda got me interested would be Sadiccha Shrestha and Sahana Bajracharya. Hope they and many others can pull of maintaining the interests of the thousands that are rapidly losing interest.  
What are your thoughts? Who is your favourite Beauty Queen?
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Nepal needs a real princess or Queen Like Queen Rania not another beauty pagent Queen.The Problem here is all ladies want to jump in the bandwagon rather than being a trailblazer.Flaunting your body and little bit of brain doesn’t affirm much IMHO.Personally I have no favorite Miss Nepal or miss beauty Queens.Even Malvika Subba seems too hyped for me, all of them are over rated.I don’t care who wins or lose the point is what is your talent aside from dancing infront of the screen.Can you be next politician or another lawyer who can bring changes in laws and bring hopes to many hopeless.Can you just be a simple teacher and give rays of hope in the form of education?Miss Nepal and so call Miss vanecha ani taukoma cheap tiara lagayecha and that’s it( an entry form to media IMHO).Real Miss Nepal are those who are silently contributing to Nepal living in the worst condition.Nepali ladies needs a strong personality who can show that one does not need to be in front of camera or in advertisement or another cute face to be hyped.Desh anusharko mag pura vayepo wah vannu, mero ganthan yetinai.I don’t find them pretty either and that is my personal coice and it is subjective.I hate that sentence saying,Beauty with Brain.That is just a slogan matra hai.Beauty is paschim ,brain is purva.I wish I could vote some talented painter ,artist or pianist or even writer as Miss Nepal rather than so called Miss Nepal.Jatti jogi ayeni kan chireyko,Miss nepalley TV movie advertisement bahek something admiring gareyra gareypo kuch vannu hunthyo.Ek dui palta nara laudai hiddaima is not something great.Take one social cause and fight till lifetime ani po kehi huncha.Ex. Nepali women who die during childbirth yesto sensitive kuraharu is waiting to be adressed.Sablai movie ra Vj garna thikka cha ani Tiara launa ani social pageko front pagema auna and blah blah I feel Bleh.Now iam done hyping lol.

  2. Completely agree with Anonymous up there.

    What values are we instilling in young Nepalese girls of today by the excess production, value and promotion of beauty pageants? That young Nepalese women can only be accredited with value via rehearsed lines, a slender body and a pretty face?

    All we are left with is inflated egos and perhaps a tinge of admiration for the winner’s beauty, but that’s about it.

    It’s a shame that strong women such as Anuradha Koirala are only promoted in the rarest of occasions. If it were not for CNN, would we have even known or cared about this woman’s brave work?

    Yet we can seem to name all these past Miss Nepal beauty pageant winners without a flicker of effort.

    Just some food for thought.

  3. o come on people u talk all bout child birth n social worker. if that was the case there are hunders of women there doing great work. but there is the need of some people beauty n pretty just to entertain people that is why it is callled entertainment industry. if every social worker beomes clelebrity then who wil do the social work helooo. n beauty pagents hahaha it was fun to watch in 2004, 5 but now its like a unch of gals walking on platform waiting someone to buy them hahaha

  4. O come on people then don’t use the thing call beauty with brain and promise so many things for society.So you yourself have declared that beauty pagent is nothing but looking and feeling pretty.Your sentence is very self explanatory indeed.We may have different view, for me ,If you end up being in spotlight then one should use that spotlight to help shed light in lot of things ,that remains in darkness.I feel completely aghast that you think beauty as just feeling pretty on stage no wonder it is mushrooming at this rate,with mentality like yours.I thought beauty pagent was more or less like choosing the prettiest leader who can do some chairty work or contribute something with her talent.By your definition you think they are no less than manequin and the last sentence of yours cross the line( waiting someone to buy them)I find nothing funny in it but ignorant,immature rant?Yes definitely.They are cheap yes because they are dime or dozen but I wouldn’t stretch my sentence that far.Hating and disliking is one thing but defaming is another thing.Even Miss World has to do one year of social work and that is why Miss world and Miss Universe are chosen.I think the problem here is people like me feel that people who win some beauty pagent should use every bit of talent to bring more benefit to society.( The irony is I don’t see them trying except hoarding limelight for themselves)but people like you see it with different perspective,just another entertaining show and nothing more than that( which might be the cause of this rampant breeding of aesthetic plague)After all it is all about mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all.Matter of perspective eh… from Anonymous no 1 🙂
    PS:I don;t know every social worker becoming celebrity but I definitely know many or almost every celebrity doing social work( that is what they call giving back).From not so famous star to super famous star give whatever they can for the betterment of society .I just want to see more from these ladies rather than strutting on stage with ego on helium.

  5. This is a real eye opener for those girls who consider beauty pageants as a segue to the limelight and popularity. The mushrooming beauty pageants lack the essence of self-respect and responsibility towards the society. While it is good that pageants like Miss Tamang, Miss Newa to name a few are enhancing the cultural awareness, it is saddening to know that the winners and organizers contribute very minimal towards the society.
    Being an ardent supporter of beauty pageants I do not disregard the effort made by quite a few organizers in giving chances to young girls to showcase their talent. Beauty pageants and the bright future they promise for the winners are not credible anymore. I must say, the commercialization, ineligible trainers are downgrading the standard of beauty pageants and also keeping the “best of the best” candidates from applying to the beauty pageants.

  6. So sad miss Nepal pageant has been running since a decades n lex limbu can see or so confidently said in article that except some beauty queens others r jus……. Bla Bla Bla.there r other beauty queens too who r working for society n country

  7. Many many many beauty pageants are organized and none are productive… Only Miss Nepal is productive to some extent… I think Nepal surely sets a world record as the country with most beauty pageants… lol

  8. Well talking abt the contestants in the miss nepal they all suck a big time! Many of them dont know that some contestants pay the Organizer to get in top 5! Well i agree with Lex That Malvika and Sugarika are the ones who have done so many good things and rest of them are like Jst beauty with dumb heads! PFFFFF Boaring u know! N lex Dont put your hope for Sahana She is such a attention seeker She will do anything to get peoples attention towards her LMAO! I do say Miss nepal sucks Bt If the contest is organized properly then obvisouly nepal will have chance to win the international pagents!First of all They should start choosing Girls Whose heights are more than 5’5” hmm suppose 5’9” And yes Nepal should get chance to enter into Miss Universe As it is the biggest Beauty contest in the whole world followed by Miss World! Well Winners of Miss nepal sucks a big time!

  9. I don’t even remember when i watched the Last beauty pageant of Nepal.Whatever is their aim for after winning, at least need to use their position and opportunity to do great works as a goodwill ambassador of Nepal.Hmmmm, there’s a good load of work to be done in this field.We really need to have tall girls(at least 5’8″n abv) with beauty’n’brain so that she can match up with International pageants which can make us(Nepali) proud.

  10. yes nepali beauty queens do dont do as much as they promise because once they get the crown they look so busy trying to market themselves and earn as much money as they can during their reign. i think malvika subba is overrated and only her media image is clean. sugarika kc was one of the most shocking results but has manged to silence her critics with her works. saddicha is just a cute face.. and sahana is not miss nepal, yes very attention seeker and very fake. i like sitashma chand, she is doing well for herself and so are payal shakya and preeti sitaula. jenisha moktan has a rich father and i heard she is working in tamang villages without media attention. but she mostly does charity for tamangs only. usha khadgi is also still a popular face just like ruby rana.
    i think if nothing else miss nepals do work here and there and atleast have made their careers better after winning the crown. other pageant winners dont have that. the value of the crown is decreasing now and somebody has to perform in the international pageants to uplift its standards again. lex i like your article but u should have added more names and described more miss nepals, it would have been a fun read.

  11. ओ केटा केटि हो कति सारो गनगने भाको..गनगन गर्नु बाहेक केहि पनि आउदैन कि के हो |
    नबुझी नबुझी,
    न फत फतयाउ तिमाहरु को त्यो गनाउने मुजी
    जे जस्तो भएनी नेपालको सबै कुरा प्यारो र राम्रो भन्नु पर्छ मोरा मोरी हो …
    चाहे मिस होस् या मिसेस अथवा मिस्टर नै किन न होस्, जस्तो सुकै भए पनि आखिर नेपाल कै उत्पादन हो क्यारे, नेपाल र नेपालमा उत्पादित बिषय र बस्तुलाई आदर, सत्कार र माया गरौँ
    जय नेपाल

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