NEW Nepali Magazine TEENZ!

Hello Sayal!! (Sarun and Payal)…
Teenz is a fairly new magazine aimed at you know who 😉 by the ECS Media. Having started in February of 2011 this magazine is only few issues old and I think… judging by the front cover hai, there’s already improvement. I did Media in my high-school k, I too made few magazine covers and like most Nepali people, I put my sister on the cover too. We seriously need to cut it out – using people we know. Anyways, Sarun and Payal are currently in Nepal as The Uglyz recently released their long-awaited album ‘In Transit’. 

Teenz has taken to Facebook to ask 
Who would you want to see on the cover of Teenz? Please Suggest :)”
Okay I think you know what I am about to say…….. ME!!!!…. One reason, because Im nearing my last year as a ‘TEENZ’ haha! I look forward to seeing more, this ECS Media has soooo much… like they have; Living, Healthy Life, ECS Nepal, Friday Weekly. 
More the MERRIER =]
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Yeah I totally agree with the ‘natabad’ system of Nepal. From politics to media everywhere natabad nai natabad. It must be change; there’s lots of talented and beautiful faces waiting to get some opportunity. So leave natabad and emphasize more on fair selection !

  2. How about featuring some college reps from different colleges and University across Ktm or from other cities across Nepal. I am sure there are tons of eligible college students who can make it to the cover page with substantial credentials than just the regular “kathmandu elites” or wanna-be celebrities!

  3. Aja yo magazine kinchu herum kasto cha….natra Nepal ko magazine haru ma picture haru bhanda kehi hudaina…article haru pani jpt matra huncha …..youth magazine bhanne ma 1 travel guide jasto…….jhilke kapada ko rate ani 2-3 jana dumb students haru ko k-k kurakani

  4. I would never w@nna see some faces on cover who has never made any effort to be there!! Like Payal an Sarun for eg.

    I understand the fact that she once won Miss Nepal and Sarun a band member but given that platform to them they have not come up to the expectation of there title leave along people expectations!!

    I kinda find it stupid why they are even there..!! Just because they are couple and they once had some impact ! But ppl forget that they did once and was gone..there are other ppl who have continuously made their effort to make difference. Lex i would’nt mind to see you on cove insted !! But ya get rid of that letter K and hai in your web 😀

    Ok c ya !!

  5. Nepotism runs in Nepali’s blood ,very deep like SETI River.I have seen few magazines from this Publications ECS just to name one,just because one of the few people I knew were there( their faces I mean).IF I have to judge fairly and squarely,I don’t think they have done anything except getting married with rich fellas, swinging their booty in clubs,spending their dad’s money which I still feel that is rightfully belongs to our cpuntry( not to sound too conceited but just a loud voice in my mind).Then I saw their faces again and again,just because they belong to Elite class and of course the publisher happened to be related or happened to know the person doning their cover.I would have given them pass if the magazine could construct 1 decent sentence on their honor aside from just being and feeling pretty infront of camera.I know they try to sound very wise beyond ages and happening,but their words fails them miserably and it seems like their futile effort at it’s best.That was the last time I ever read or saw that magazine and maybe that will be ever so.Actually these magazines are too lethargic to even look around our small nation inhabited by not many people.What never fails to amaze me is how they only find beauty and talent in the people hailing from upper echelon and they never bother to move their head down or around.Hmm last time I checked there are many ways a head can be moved not one way which looks at your friend and your family.I can give them list whom I don’t want to see on their front cover and it would be something like
    a.I don’t want to see anyone who hasn’t contributed anything to society or country in someway.
    b.I don’t want to see any celebrity just because they can sing or once sang hmm (innovative anyone?)
    c.I don’t want to see anyone on front page just because he or she happens to go to posh school but cannot even speak one Nepali sentence without adding english word in between like dai chiura mixture .
    d.If you want to add a pretty girl that you know or your freind happend to know and so on then please don’t make that magazine public and spare us the embarassing thing.Just because the photographer thinks the girl looks pretty is not the reason that one should be( hmm of course the person has to be rich as well which I have seen numerous time why they are there)
    mero ganthan yetinai because I don’t think anyone should be honored to be in that magazine because I saw two or three people who wouldn’t cut for someone respectful personality even as a person.Yes I have no hope for them because all they want is someone beautiful on their page not someone strong personality to ape them.
    Try a full coverage on Anuradha Koirala how her struggle began,or try Bhushan Dahal and ask how he was able to hold on to difficult time,ask Haribansha and Madan Krishna,how they never fail on their creativity and how and what can we do to contribute to the society like them.How about giving platform to those aspiring writer print their articles, how about becoming voice to the one who really needs to be heard.

    from anonymous once called anonymous no1 somewhere 🙂

  6. Hate and ignorance?? where?? Describe hate and ignorance?? Describe points to be noted? Describe short comings?If all advices and comment are read as hate and ignorance then ,one should stop progressing.But it is how people read I guess.The one who wants to improve take it as advices( all don’t come in sugar wrapped candy style u know) but the one who wants to take it negatively sees as hate and ignorance.Yea ignorance to improve better in other word cocky and conceited. Jai Natabad for you because your sentence sounds oxymoron.Enlighten further otherwise don’t use oxymoron statement.So much of ignorance uff…

  7. One thing about Teenz that I couldn’t digest is the advertisement of super expensive watches on each issue. Come on! I am an average guy from Kathmandu and I can’t even afford a watch that costs a fortune. I’m confused who the real targets of Teenz are.

    Apart from a few contents, browsing through the mag feels like browsing through the ECS Living with some cute teen faces.

  8. superlikes to 5th comment..nice one mr or mrs anonymous….aajkal ko magazine ko cover ra saptahik ko middle page ma kei farak chaina…jst want to attract people…

  9. Oh my god lex … i read every comment posted in this post of yours and guess what ? I absolutely agree with every one of the mean ..yes even the meanest of the meanest there lol .. bcz sadly its bordering to truth .. every harsh opinion… i hope to change some .. at least at Teenz … thanks for sharing lexi … u come down to nepal and we’l do sthg with you 🙂 a

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