6 Lane Highway in Tinkune!

The Tinkune-Suryabinayak highway in Nepal has formally come into operation from Tuesday. The 6-lane highway was constructed with the help of the Japanese government. Looking at the photo I can only see it being a 4-lane highway but I guess they must’ve counted the service roads on the side too. This is definitely an awesome news! Money invested in Nepal has gone to the right place and we are able to see the outcome. Let’s hope such improvements in infrastructure also take place elsewhere around the country.

Nepal Government invested Rs 200 Million
Japanese Government invested Rs 2 Billion
Completed within the 30 Months period
Daily amount of vehicle – 70,000-80,000

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  1. Finally, the japanese did it n shame on our leaders. The work which they were supposed 2 do, has been done by foreign people!!

  2. I think the inauguration should also have been done solely by the Japanese ambassador and NOT the Nepalese prime minister who don’t have any input on it!

  3. I hope they did the job properly. Highway kholeko one month mai khalta khulti chahi nahola. For a change good to see the government making the correct use of the funds and not putting it in their piggy bank. Long Live Nepal 🙂

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