PREMIERE – Muglan by Sanjeev Singh

The Chulesima singer is back where he belong’s and that is Kathmandu. Set to take the radiowaves by storm this is the Official Online Video Premiere of his second track Muglan from the album Muglan. This video come’s after the hugely raved Subash Timro which was filmed in England.
As I write this – Singh is currently performing tracks from the album at iClub in Durbar Marg. Filming of Muglan took place in Nepal and features two fresh faces. The guy is Yogesh Gurung and I’ll leave it to the guy’s to stalk out who the girl is ; – ). The video has been directed by Naren Limbu of Aastha; definitely the best work of his yet. A complete Mokshya Production.
Muglan . Hope You All Love It!

Another Mokshya Production video that’s on YouTube from today is Frederick n’ The H2O’s GHAAT.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. the video is good the song matches the video n vice versa but when the main character falls(Yogesh)suddenly right after trying to climb—on left side of his uniform I dont see a flag of NEPAL imprinted (but other).It would have been much better if these small details were also taken into consideration.overall touching video ,great jod to all the cast

  2. I love the song and video but I did not like the female model. I think her expression was not good enough to convey the meaning of the song. just an opinion 🙂

  3. never seen such an expressionless grace.. no aura no class…just being skinny and exposing dried legs gets u no calss.. Preeti subba is so much better a natural model…her execution on expressions are flawless never over the top and her dressing sense and simple make up makes her stand out too… This model’s dressing sense does not help her character at all.. comon a shorts for married woman who is desparately waiting for her husband..she was meant to be looking a little shuttle..a bit depressed and the longingness to be visible in her eyes… the guy is so much better. Lastly dont be the next Sabrina shrestha who only wants to expose… Expose talent people not ur body… WE DEMAND TALENT AND CLASs. I am only commenting to say coz m a media student at a uni

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