London Stands Up For Nepal

I haven’t felt this nervous in a long time. I am worried about the amount of people that will actually turn up on Friday 27th May outside the Embassy of Nepal to peacefully protest against the government. Facebook tells me 209 will attend yet I know this figure is exaggerated. I wish at least a 100 attends but I know that too is being ambitious. It’s very last minute; I know that however after a strong persuasion by a friend the thought of doing something is better than nothing won me over and here I am. 
If you at home wish to take part in this then please don’t think twice and just come and attend the event. While you’re at it, why not come with some home-made posters and banners with simple slogans and message’s urging the government to ‘Act Up’ or ‘No Work, No Pay’. We love to complain about the situation in Nepal, blame our politicians and the political frame so I hope all those people who actively blame can take a break from blaming from home but join us – to be a bigger force, to unite and send the message back home.

At the end, we shall hand over a letter to the embassy.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. In all that you have done and will do Sauj, this is the best so far! Good luck with the protest- it will be good to see us unite for once not for a party or an event but for something genuine and meaningful!

  2. UK LAI CHAI KINA JHAUU GARNU ATEKOO? k garcha ra uk le?
    not a rude question but please answerr cos i dun understand

  3. We aren’t doing this to bother UK. We are doing this to show Nepal that even Nepalis living abroad aren’t happy with the lack of progress back home. That’s why this will take place outside the Embassy of NEPAL.
    Also, protests that aren’t directly linked with UK have been taking place for a long time now. Just go to Trafalgar Square and you will see protestors supporting causes in Iran, etc.

  4. jyau lagacha yarr….!! manchey nabuji fur fur huda….”London Stands Up For Nepal” ki k re….Constitution is not the main problem of nepal……Uk ko ta written constitution chaina…..A B C audaina,….sidhai Z ko kura garcha…,,!!
    kina problem create garnu uk ma chai…
    nepal ma gayera garda huncha….afno garma kura namilda sasulari gayera protest garnu~????

  5. Upper two comments are made by the dumbest Nepali ever. Nepali lai Nepal ko chinta hunu parchha. Whereever he is he should stand against the degrading quality of Nepal.

    If you are not in it then leave this blog asap. Wthole ! ?

  6. kudos to your step Lex!
    it is only the very few who can actually step forward and do something rather staying behind and complaining.
    Not to sound diplomatic, but i totally agree to the comment anonymous made. If you really love your country, come back for it! Don’t just stay there and lament your unhappiness for the lack of progress of your country. Come on! take the step!

  7. man..seems like u guys got nothing better to do dude..get a life and dont get carried away sayin” no work, no pay” bullshit..i wonder which jack ass came up with ” jyala purai liyau crap and all”… little knowledge is really dangerous indeed and u guys with out understanding the dynamics of nepalese politics just bark n all… let the nepalese political course take its path in its own ways…the fact is no body gives a shit dude!!!

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