AMAZING! Scuba Diving in Nepal has officially come into operations thanks to Dragonfly Adventures Nepal – the first and only scuba diving centre in the whole of our nation. Vivek Sen Gurung who is the diving instructor and the dive master wanted to show that it’s not only in the wide ocean that one can dive. Gurung has been diving in various hotspots in Nepal since last year.
One can expect to come across various creepiie-crawlies when they dive. Spotted above is a water snake! Yikess, darrai lagne hau. The centre is at it’s very initial phase and is currently teaching scuba diving by doing an introductory course called Discover Scuba Diving which involves practicing in a swimming pool first.  Sadly, those who arent a certified diver (most of us) cannot scuba dive in the open water’s of Nepal. BUT if you have cash and are looking for way’s to spend it then I surely would encourage you to become a dive master! 

Their office is located in Dam Side (nr Lakeside), Pokhara.

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. amazzzzinggg. i’d try it anyday!! just that, with nepal, this is my belief – u can never take risk. kei na kei bigrekai huncha hola, safety khalke kura haru

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  3. Hello, my name is Pavel, I handed over the certificate in March 2011, 18 March 2011 passed the certificate open water diver, was already 3 months, but the certificate I have not come. How to solve this problem, you may be mistaken address, or some other problem, one way or another certificate I have and I do not know whether he will … My blog is on Scuba Diving Jobs

  4. Dear friend,
    I am padi scuba dive master..will i able to work there,teach and help you for
    DSD(discover scuba diving).I have done more then 100 dive in sea,more then 30 meter depth.
    if i am good and really able to work with you then you are free to mail me..

  5. hi its me sumana subba from nepal i like to ask you abt diving …any lady;s done to dive in sea? i want to make my own team ..if there is in nepal anyone ladys plzz info me

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