Who Is She? ANJALI

I had shared the picture above on Facebook and Twitter but hadn’t disclosed her identity. Well she is Anjali Lama; Nepal’s first transgender model who has graced VOW Magazine and various ramp shows. Anjali also has a gallery on CyberSansar. Anjali who was born a male in Nuwakot realized from early on that she was different. She was born in the wrong body.
Currently, Anjali is engaged with Cruize Aids Nepal which is affiliated to the Blue Diamond Society. Her work consists her of advocating and raising awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. Now the Supreme Court had decided to recognise Third Gender back in 2007 however Anjali feels that has only been done in paper and not put into practice in society. If the constitution is ever to be written then the Sexual Minority community in Nepal will be celebrating as Gay Marriage is expected to be fully legalized and earlier this year Nepal also introduced Transgender census category (so it was reported).
ANGELINA JOLIE: Sexually attracted to BOTH men and women.
 NEIL PATRICK HARRIS: A Homosexual Man (Male sexually attracted to male)
 EllEN DEGENERES and PORTIA DE ROSSI: A Homosexual Woman (Female sexually attracted to a female)
 Anjali Lama: Identified with a gender other than the biological one.

It’s good to see people of different sexualities, castes and background working hard…doing something in our society. That in itself, is a success. Also, I have bluntly wrote out the definition of the different sexualities above because many are still unaware of the differences – some still think if someone is GAY then he want’s to dress up as a girl. But that is not the case. That’s it. When I’m out in Nepal this Summer, I shall be interviewing ANJALI.
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  1. As a gay teenager I always used to feel strange that none around me was like me but after seeing that my own country has moved on so fast and I knew about Anjali Lama since 2008 after her appearnce at Miss International Queen 2007 in Thailand. She was tall and had the best body that any nepalese model have and now she has also done some volentary work for good cause really shows that she is a beautiful woman inside out. And I do hope that Nepal can have more open minded people and we can legalise same sex marriage. Thanks Lex for writing a blog about her and I am really looking forward to see her interview in your blog 🙂

  2. Nepal has variety of poeple. Lesbian marriage was done long long time ago. Just because media doesn’t get there on time but Nepal also has many things to report.
    She looks beautiful. Hope people will respect her the way she is.

  3. aww shes beautiful 🙂 homo-hetero-male-female, i wonder if they’re just tags or like labels. good stuff.

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