Gurkha Cup – What’s Happening?

It’s that time of year again when we Nepali’s get an opportunity to stalk our Facebook friends in reality and some finally get a chance to meet their online boyfriends/girlfriends. The mammoth event Gurkha Cup is set to take place this Sunday 29th May and after last year’s very halla machhayeko knife-kanda; security is expected to have been beefed up in this years event. Like always there will be tonnes of stalls selling from foods to Nepali goods. 
You will spot the NAYA YUVA team that will be actively walking around talking to people and handing out leaflets raising awareness against knife-crime and anti-drugs issues.Naya Yuva aims to keep the Gurkha’s reputation intact by working to maintain mutual understanding amongst the Nepalese community. This is a great initiative and if you guy’s see them approaching you then please don’t run away but give your few minutes to these budding activists.
 Live For Change is a small charity organization that will make it’s official debut at Gurkha Cup where they will be selling a variety of items from wristbands, pani-puri, jalebi and cupcakes. There is more in store so dont forget to check out the stall or approach the team members who you will see in sexy Yellow polo t-shirts (including me :P). The raised money will go towards Saraswati Peace School in Gorkha.
GMIN – a popular charity organization established in the US will have its UK sister organization spreading it’s influence on the grounds on Gurkha Cup this Sunday. GMIN will be there also selling wristbands and handing out leaflets to raise awareness regarding the work of GMIN. 
BHESBHAS – Appeal for Japan T’Shirts
Finally, you may have heard of Bhesbhas which is a photo-blog and the Bhesbhas team will also be selling t-shirts to raise money for the Japan earthquake. Indeed, a great cause. They have four designs and the price starts from £13.99 however do enquire to get better deals. They will be sharing their stall with the GMIN team so do go there and check their products out – it’s all for a good cause. Legit!

Lex Limbu
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