Getting Sexual With WAVE

It’s not the first time that Nepali magazines have had their take on Sex&HIV/AIDS. Most have been boring, just information – do this, do that. Common myths such as masturbating will make you taller is not true eetyadii. But the June issue of WAVE will definitely raise your eyebrows. They’ve covered sex! Nothing new but in a way that nothing is hidden. 

”Yes, this is a risqué issue, so react. Agree, disagree, congratulate, condemn, vent- but react.” That’s the message that’s given out on WAVE. 

The photography by Nawang Tara is just class! Not to forget the articles aswell – there’s one called Cruise Control, its so out there that it could possibly be a soft-core erotic story. They’ve also played their role well by informing us with stats and stories regarding sexual trafficking and personal accounts; what Wave excels in! And lastly, fashion blogger from the UK Swapnil Gurung has been featured.
Now my only question is – why use that particular photo on the cover? Going through the issue I can see great photos of the pair or even a solo of the girl that would’ve made a better cover. 
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. =) those pic of Noal made me SMILE !!! Ahh best best best !!!

    Btw lex how r u? Long time havnt talked with u .. Hope u doing every good and ur nepal trip is coming soon ya? hehe enjoy

  2. wht loada bullshit..fuckin all nepali boys are so fuckin gay..Unbelievable!!!
    and photography just sucks…Nepali fuckin idiots need to learn some shit before they put on some silly act..

  3. Priya, why do u have so much haterade against Nepalese ppl?? Now wait a minute, did ur comment just reville your identity ?? For sure you must be a DHOTI!! what more can I say, dhoti will always b a dhoti, not your fault though. It’s the way you are brought up, low lives. Guess what, we love you too!!

  4. priya – go suck your daddy’s dick !!
    Btw its better to be gay then fuck a whore like u ^^

  5. the last photo creeps me out.. the composition is so bad, it makes the girl look like a little wierd doll?
    rest of the photos are good tho (Y)i like her style!

  6. The pictures got me thinking,androgynous woman( i mean the body) and effeminated guy wat else?Not impressed with the pictures at all but with the topic ?yes.I found all the pictures amateur and still have whale of space for improvement.The concept is too vast to be spoilt by such lousy pictures.It fails to catch the attention in anyway.It’s my personal view and no I am not trying to be negative nelly just for the sake of being negative.Maybe it tickles the fancy of the people who know the photographer and the models ,but not for me without being biased.And please I have read comments before like ,hinting to,”Are you blind not to see the great thing?”or “when I or few of us find it great u should too” comment quite pathetic and childish even from the blog owner here sometime.
    I think at this age it is important to have knowledge about sex education which people both young and old alike take it for granted.They think all they need to know is how to have sex and enjoyment.Despite knowing few of the things they never fail to repeat the mistake sometime.Knowledge is definitely power but sometime I see people engaging in unsafe sex despite having full knowledge of pros and cons.I once had to coerce this young lady showing the pictures of what would her private organs would turn into if she didn’t take things seriously,but still she went on doing what she did before.Iam just stunned by the “I don’t care attitude of youth sometime”.I guess youth today are fearless,no wonder STD are more fearless and incorrigible .Anyway nice work for awareness.It is just a drop in the vast ocean of knowledge but as they say thousand step begins with one step ,I hope it keeps on imparting more knowledge in future.
    @Piya It seems your words are very much limited ,mostly revolving around intercourse phrases,I suggest you to use it wisely since you haven’t even written one complete sentence properly.If you want your point to be heard or read at least make a better effort before lambasting anyone blindly.Give a clear point and use proper and complete sentence .I just see one Nepali guy here, hmm how it turned into plural? and all?Beats me.

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