32 Hour Spent on Everest! WOAH!

Now I wonder which hole I was in when this all happened. Ever heard of God Angel? He’s a Nepali Guru and he leads the Heavenly Path. Now I’m not too informed on him but straight to the point. He along with a 5 member team climbed Mount Everest on 20th May. The 30 year old spent 32 hours at the top of the world, of which it is believed that he spent 27 hours meditating for all living creatures on this planet. To read the full account from his personal cameraman then hit the link up right here.

A little bit about him:
Bhakta Kumar Rai, born in an ethnic community in a remote village in Udaypur district in eastern Nepal, transformed himself into ‘Supreme Master Godangel’ after founding a sect, the Heavenly Path, when he was only 18.

Rai’s followers, who are scattered over Nepal, India, Hong Kong, Britain and Malaysia, regard him as an angel sent by God to earth to propagate peace, eradicate poverty and encourage self-healing. He is also credited by disciples with having performed miracles from an early age.

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  1. God Angel?? WHAT A LOAD OF BULL!! Followers all over the world? More like Nepalese-followers-scattered-all over the world!! I would like to how the Protect Angel ji would protect himself if he were to face the Hell’s Angel Crew!!

  2. The article connected to the link made no sense to me. Did it make sense to you?. Could you explain to me in more simplified version as in a few sentences.

  3. Everyone,those people who have not heard of him,where have you guys been ? seriously but no offence,he’s talked about by so many people and it’s true he has many followers,even right here in Singapore and he’s know as ‘guru hajur’ and i actually have his wallpaper on my phone ! i have not met him but i am dying to meet him,like real. i have close relatives who were fatally sick but have been miraculously cured by him,that is the reason why i believe him in a sense that he is not fake or bogus which most in recent time are. so people,stop hitting bad or judge about him because you have never met him nor anything..i would have too,if i were in your shoes but fortunately i seen people who were cured by him..

  4. @akina i’d like you to introduce you to a medical term ‘placebo’ please look into that before you ‘devote’ yourself to this man. what has he done that actually promotes world peace except pull off stunts? if you know his teaching(which I am sure you do) almost all of them are a fine example of plagiarism.how informed are you about his lavish lifestyle? you should know better. I know you will be encouraged to donate to his cause(since you are from Singapore and this man has a real soft side for gurkhas…’you guys have $ and £??’). if you want to by all means do but please donate a small amount to a ‘REAL’ charity as well.
    mr V

  5. OMG the link is hilarious Lex…thanx a lot…I had a hearty laugh…everyone don’t miss the awesome adventure of the Guru and even more awesome descip of it 😀 😀

  6. Well in my opinion he’s just a ordinary person who has managed to get the attention of some people and made them believe that he’s a sort of angel (else why call himself godangel?)

    No offence, but i just cant believe that people do still believe in such a phenomenon.

  7. I don’t think it matters whether people believe in him or not. Just by looking at the fact that he stayed on the summit of Mt. Everest (8848 m high) for 32 hours, I can vouch that he is not just some guy who managed to get the attention. And I don’t think ability to do something like this can be bought by money either.

    I feel very sorry for Nepal whose citizens are so weak and useless. They can not even defend the fact that Buddha was actually born in Nepal, and today Indian politicians are openly stating that Buddha was born in India. It took 2500 years for Nepali to realize that Buddha was not just an ordinary person, and the same might recur with Master Godangel too. I think Master Godangel had proved enough for himself and his ways before and after the Massive Earthquake of 2015. And all those who opposes him are merely the necessary haters.

    You know, I have met him. In fact I have worked with him. I have listened to his sermons and meditated under him. And you know what I think Mr. V. I think he is a one man army and he deserves to be called Master Godangel. For all the hardships he had bore and yet all the love he has for everyone, I bet it can not be replicated. All the gurus all over the world they are either promoting their own sect or are just talking. All gurus in India are actually businessmen and what do they do? They sit in their chairs and talk and talk and talk, yet Indians respects them just because they are Guru (teachers). Actually they do nothing at all. I bet anyone of them has ever dreamt of climbing Everest for world peace or used all of the resources to build an Ashram for serving the victims of Earthquakes and floods. No, actually I dare any Gurus to even get closest to Everest or serve the community at distress with such selflessness. And this, your money can nevery buy Mr. V.

    I just don’t understand what is wrong with these people? Just because you don’t believe in something, you think it does not exist or it is a fallacy???? What an arrogance, my god! what an arrogance!?

    Dear Heema g, I am glad that you could laugh. But I don’t see the point here in your laugh. Just answer me, who are you? Are you that big of a person that ascending up on Everest and staying there for 32 hours, using oxygen for only 11 hours, meditating and praying for 27 hours, and descending back within 6 hours is so trifle to you? What is the reason behind treating the act with such a low level of civility? And yes Mr. Lex Limbu, the information is not complete. He stayed there for 32 hours 27 minutes, meditated for 27 hours, and returned to the base camp in 6 hours. Though Nepali government will never certify this just because there are powerful people who won’t let this happen, this is the truth and it will propagate. It will be realized and it will not remain in the darkness for long. And for this you can help.

    Aashish Rai

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