Get Dark – LAXCHA BANTAWA. A Clearcut Productions Video

Voila! Here it is, another EXCLUSIVE!

Feast your eyes on Laxcha Bantawa who happens to be the backbone of NepUNITY and is still riding high on the positive response from her debut music video Yatri for Manas Ghale. She is back! Showing her moves, strutting her stuff in those sleek kicks in ‘GET DARK’, a Clearcut Productions video.

For the curious minds, Get Dark is by MZ BRATT; an electro/grime artist from the UK. A personal choice of Laxcha due to her undying passion for dancing to dubstep and hip-hop with hard and heavy bass. This is probably the first time that Bantawa is standing in front of the camera as the central figure, previously she’s been more involved behind the camera with direction for NepUNITY parodies and short film. 

Director Shrestha had seen the potential from the film student long ago and had wanted to work with her from early on but it was only on 1st of June that the creative duo actually made things happen. The seven hour long shoot took place at an old hall in Farnborough and boy do these dynamic duo create a fire on screen! 

  • Laxcha only choreographed the routine from 10PM-2AM the previous night (last minute to the extreme)
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Dancer- Laxcha Bantawa
DOP – Trushar Patel
Directed & Edited- Sachin Shrestha
Technical Assistant – Pranaya Manandhar
Runner – Karuna Gurung

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. I am still up at half 12 to catch this video and it’s all worth every nagging from my m-i-l when i can’t wake up early tomorrow. Anyhoo, Laxcha is such an amazing dancer. And what more, is THE platform for all aspiring stars. Both of you ROCK !! Okay that was a bit dhoti-ish.

  2. To b honest dance waz too short..thou video waz super quality dancing lai alik piority badi diyeko bhye ramro huntyo..

  3. I Was Expecting Something Hot Like “Yatri”.. You Should Have Given Lil Effort..

    But Still A Big Fan Of Ur Work..

  4. The dance could have definitely been better given the fact that it was a ‘last minute’ effort. Her dancing still kicks ass though. Great work on the video. NICE!

  5. Did she tried to do dougie and jerk??? hahahaha…..Good effort but i don’t think she’s born to dance. Some people are born to dance and they have skills but for her it looks like she’s forcing herself to dance. M not being rude but honest. Stick to the video making stuff and other things than this dancing…DANCING is not for u “PERIOD”

  6. Should’ve been longer!
    Btw this hall is in Mytchett, not Farnborough… Just saying… 😛

  7. honest review- video was too short, too much focus on walking etc, clothing did not show how well she could express her moves.

  8. thats what i fell as well ..i do agree with the above comment ..she is not born to dance…i m sorry to say ..u r awesome at making video and all…but not dancing…i really admire her as a director not as a dancer…

  9. Starting was good, but it abruptly ends in the climax of the video. The Dancing could have been better. The steps were very common and did not have a wow factor.

  10. the dance was great… most people hating on this piece but its funny how people can just say its bad… why is it when “talent” is there people always have to find something negative to say… pss… ah well video was also great… good quality and the transaction from once shot to another was flawless…. dance moves are funky and something fresh… been following u and deff have improved and looking fly like always…. u are a one of a kind talent that all nepalese should be proud of!!! and if ya’ll still hating then why don’t u get in front of a camera and try and come up with something as creative and fresh like this… if u cant then STFU and stop talkin as if ya’ll know anything about dancing or laxcha…. just keeping it real! safe!

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