Save Our Sisters by Chhimmi Gurung

Chhimmi Gurung’s latest project for her course was SAVE OUR SISTERS, the project is linked with raising awareness against anti-trafficking and anti-prostitution activities alongside Maiti Nepal. Chhimmi with the help of Maiti Nepal – UK also sold items to fundraize for the women in Nepal. The picture’s that Chhimmi has taken to portray the different types of abuse are just amazing if not spectacular. I haven’t quite seen such a different way of editing and portrayal through the use of images in recent times. Head over to Chhimmi’s Blog for more details on her project.

What do you guys think? To view few other images that Chhimmi has taken and to watch the short video for the Save Our Sisters campaign – hit the jump below!

The Girl Behind The Camera – Chhimmi Gurung
Through Chhimmi’s Lens

Lex Limbu
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  1. Hi there! I’m Chhimmi and I’ve just come in to say thankyou to Lex for spreading the word first of all and secondly, I have t-shirts and bags up for sale! I am also continueing Maiti Nepal Uk’s Penny Collection and selling I <3 Nepal beaded wristbands (handmade by the girls in the hostels). All donations go towards Maiti Nepal so PLEASE get in touch with me if you are interested in donating! Thankyou! Jai Nepal!

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